Pray - Give - Go

There are three ways you can help support Unashamed Missions.
In the ongoing work of the kingdom of God, nothing is more important than intercessory prayer. Interceding, or talking to God about the needs of other people, is a vital activity to growing God's church.

We need your prayers. Please pray for the safety of the teams who are in the field. Please pray that we will be financially blessed so that we can continue building churches, evangelizing, and providing medical aide. Please pray for our leadership, that we make good decisions and always follow where the Lord will have us go. Please pray that our team members will hear God's prompting on their trips and in their lives.
When Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35), he revealed one of life's greatest secrets to finding joy in life.

Giving that flows out of a heart of love for God takes different forms: giving of our treasures (finances, annuities, etc.), time (volunteering) and talents (occupation, skills). May the blessing of giving be yours. From Old Testament time, when the Children of Israel were nomads in the desert, to the present, the work of God has always been financed by God's abundant blessing expressed through the generosity of His people.

Unashamed Missions has many exciting opportunities for believers who are looking to make a financial investment that will impact people for eternity.

All of our financial backing comes from gifts. Please give to this ministry so that we may further God's kingdom and reach people who need Him.
Have you heard glamorous stories of missionary jungle life? What about tales of extreme risk, suffering, and faith that seem well beyond the capacity of the average Christian? God doesn't call super-Christians to be missionaries; he calls you to live for him in another place. For some, this is just for a few weeks a year on short-term trips. He gives others the opportunity for deep impact and strong relationships through many years of life in another country. Give God freedom to place you where He wants for as long as He chooses (Luke 4:43).

Come with us and experience the blessing of serving others first hand. It will change your life forever and draw you closer to God.

If you are interested in giving, please send checks payable to Unashamed Missions and mail to:

Unashamed Missions
3808 Ridgecrest Dr.
Flower Mound, TX 75022

All donations are tax deductable, we are a registered 501.3C Non-Profit Corporation.