Welcome to Unashamed Missions

What we do:
We serve God. Whether He calls us to build a church in some remote part of the Honduran jungle, rebuild a failing bridge in the mountains or make Him known in a village who has rarely seen a white man, we do whatever He asks and we have a great time doing it.
Many of our current mission trips involve hiking into remote areas in Central America and constructing a church where local pastors have started a congregation. We prefer to team up with a local pastor who can shepherd the flock once the church has been established. We like to get the locals heavily involved in the construction to give them a sense of pride and ownership in the church.

Church in El Limon, Honduras

Medical Brigade in Nicaragua
While building the church we also evangelize in the area and hold medical clinics when we have medical staff with us. We have teamed up Med Missions to assist us with local logistics and provide medical staff. Everywhere we go we bring generators and projection equipment so that we may share the gospel through video in the regions native language. We also bring translators so we can share what Jesus has done for us one on one.
Most of our trips are 9 to 11 days depending on the destination and goals of the trip. Since the places we visit are normally remote, it will often take a couple of days just to get to the building site. For this church we built in Biu, Honduras, we flew into Tegucigalpa and then drove for 6 hours to get to the Rio Coco. After spending the night, we took a 4 hour pupante (boat made from a hollowed out tree) ride down the river and then hiked into the village.

Church in Biu, Honduras

Below is a picture of a 250 feet long suspension bridge we rebuilt near the village of La Balsa in Honduras. Carl Smith was leading an evangelism trip and had to cross this bridge. The decking was almost completely either missing or rotted through. He was praying for safe crossing and felt called to do something about it. When he reached the other side, he found most of the lumber it would take to rebuild the bridge stacked up just waiting for someone to get to work. God had just shared His plan for the bridge, or as we like to say "There He is". Upon Carl's return to the USA, he started assembling a team to rebuild it. That team went on to form what is now Unashamed Missions.

Bridge we rebuilt in La Balsa, Honduras